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iGolf Value Guide FAQ

Q:  How do I use iGolf Value Guide to get cash for my golf clubs?

iGolf Value Guide Instant Sale is a tool for you to get cash for your golf clubs in four easy steps:

how it works

3a. Coachella Valley CA customers, complete our checkout form, receive an email confirmation, and we'll call to schedule a pickup and payment.

3b. Customers elsewhere ship clubs to us at customers expense. Note: Club(s) totalling $100 or more qualify for FREE shipping, prepaid shipping label will be sent via email once you have completed our checkout form. Once the golf equipment is received and inspected, the money will be deposited in your PayPal account within three (3) business days, please allow seven (7) business days for payment by check.

Q:  How does iGolf Value Guide determine the value of a golf club?

iGolf Value Guide has their own database of prices that is generated from a balance of the fair market value of the product and our competitors' pricing.  eBay provides completed auction price data that iGolf Value Guide analyzes.  This data provides a unique window into the fair value of secondary golf club market.  In addition, iGolf Value Guide is constantly researching competitors' pricing and guarantees the highest cash payout in the industry.

Q:  How to search and determine the value of a golf club?

Go to and complete a golf club search.

Methods of Search

a.  Search Box "What type of clubs would you like to sell?" type manufacturer name, model name, and club type.  Note: flex, loft, and RH/LH does not apply to search.

b.  Drop Down Menu "iGolf Value Guide Catalog" choose club type, manufacturer, and model. 

c.  Product Type Image "Search by Product Type" click on product type then more advanced search functions are located on right side of page.  

Product Type Image

Q:  Why is my $300 Driver only worth $35.00?

The golf club market today is saturated with a constant supply of newer and more advanced equipment. Clubs lose their value very quickly just like any other product in demand like computers, software, phones, etc.  There are thousands of old golf clubs that have absolutely no value whatsoever.  Good news, iGolf Value Guide offers the highest payout in the industry!  This claim is backed by iGolf Value Guide’s Highest Payout Guarantee.

Q:  Are all clubs accepted?

No, clubs not included in iGolf Value Guide’s online catalog are not valued and therefore not accept. The following categories of clubs are not accepted by iGolf Value Guide and are considered no value items. Please do not send them as they will not receive credit and will not be returned:

info icon Persimmon or laminated woods including drivers and fairway woods. (zero credit)

info icon All non-pro-line individual irons, woods, wedges, and putters. (zero credit)

info icon Individual "demo" irons regardless of brand and model. (zero credit)

Q:  What if my clubs are not on the list?

If your clubs are name brand pro-line and not shown within our online catalog please give us a call at
1-855-678-6737 or email support at CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.

Q:  Where can I find golf club shipping boxes?

Your local golf pro shop usually have lots of them that they are just throwing away and would be happy give them to you.  Or try visiting your local electrical supply store, flourescent light shipping boxes are perfect for golf clubs, most are 48" and 60" but you can cut to fit.  Or you may visit your local USPS office (order online) and request a free Priority/Express Mail Tube (Medium) which is perfect for a putter or wedge, box is only 38" long but can be modified (doubled) to accommodate most clubs.  

Q:  When can I expect the payment check to arrive?

Coachella Valley customers receive payment as soon as golf clubs are received.  Customers elsewhere can expect a check in the mail within 7 business days of when we receive your shipment.

Q:  Do you purchase clubs from international customers?

We currently do not accept golf clubs from customers outside of the United States, customs and duties make the process to difficult.

Q:  What is the value of a damaged golf club in need of repair?

Some damaged clubs have no value, others may receive partial value.  For more information to go .

Q:  What if my clubs have upgraded exotic shaft(s)?

We’ll consider paying more for your clubs depending on what shafts are in the clubs.   Please call us at
1-855-678-6737 or email support at CONTACT US and we’ll be happy discuss.

Q:  What is iGolf Value Guide Highest Payout Guarantee?

Our 125% Highest Payout Guarantee policy is a reflection of our confidence that we offer the HIGHEST PAYOUT in the industry, and reinforces our belief that trade-in value should never be an issue when using our Re-commerce service.  If you find a higher cash payout within 7 days of processing your Instant Sale form we will MATCH the higher trade-in value PLUS an additional 25% of the difference from any authorized cash U.S. payout website.  CLICK HERE for Highest Payout Guarantee Terms and Conditions. 

Q:  What if my trade-in does not meet your criteria?

If your trade-in does not meet our acceptance criteria we will do one of the following::

info icon Return the product at your expense, shipping is $10 for one item, add $1 for every additional product.

info icon If club has "no value" item and you agree we will dispose.

info icon We may offer a reduced trade-in value.